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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would you be lost?

After reading the first section of Shirkey's book, it has made me think of how much we truly rely on our cell phones, and technology in general for that matter. Have you ever heard someone say, "What did we ever do before cell phones"? Well, this is a question that has a lot of truth to it.

Cell phones have changed the way we find others, communicate with others, and learn new things. It has changed America in many different ways. But we as a country probably depend on this little gadget too much. Now cell phones have Facebook and Twitter to where you can update your status for the world to see. We can text instead of talk, we can use the phone as a walkie-talkie, and we can look up information on the internet through our cell phones. Are these new technologies hurting us as a society?

I think that we do rely on our cell phones, as a whole, too much. I think I am a part of this group of people. I use my phone too much, to be honest. But I do need my cell phone for my work due to the fact that I am on call during the week. I believe that cell phones are a good thing but they do become something that we rely on to fill in time.

When we are bored, we usually want something to do. If there is nothing to do, the closest form of technology is usually what we go to for entertainment. That usually happens to be our cell phone. Do you all feel that we use our cell phones too much?


  1. I know I use my cell phone too much. If I misplace it for a few hours, I'm lost. I constantly check my phone for facebook updates, the time and usually unimportant texts.

    Yes, cell phones are great when you really need to get into contact with someone, but I'm not sure it would be such a bad thing if I didn’t have mine. It consumes way to much of my time and it is definitely the first thing I turn to in boring or awkward situations.

    Is this a bad thing? I think so. As we turn more and more to electronic interfaces like computers and cell phones we seem to be becoming less and less social. We are much more comfortable with email than with basic human interaction or even talking on the phone. The problem is if this is true, than there isn’t much we can do about it.

  2. I probably use my cellphone to much. I text all day,but I rarely make phone calls. Until my laptop passed away a few weeks ago, I was constantly on Facebook or at least online for some sort of entertainment.

    I agree that technology is usually the easiest form of entertainment. I'm fascinated with technology because when I was younger I didn't have a computer or a phone, so now that I do have the technology I enjoy using it. Technology does make us as a society lazy. I admit to texting people instead of walking to go ask them something. I think a substantial amount of people do the same thing.

    The reason I got a cellphone was to keep in touch with my father, without it I probably wouldn't have had a way to communicate with him. I use my phone to send pictures and texts to my family, which I think helps because I don't actually spend a considerable amount of time at home. I'm over two hours from my dad's house and close to four hours from my mom's, if I didn't have a cell phone I feel as though our form of communication would be cut off.

  3. Your blog is really interesting. It's insane how a smart phone can contain our entire life in the palm of our hands. On one hand it's very convenient to have all forms of communication, aside from face to face, in a gadget that can fit in your pocket. On the other hand, if we lose it we're screwed. It seems like our environment is moving at the same speed as technology and its as if we need to be connected at all times because our lives are so fast paced.
    This is definitely the way of the future, i just hope i can keep up:)