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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does Chronic Google Use Cause ADD?

In the beginning of this course we discussed the topic "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" and it seems to keep coming up as the course goes on. The article we read discusses how the internet allows us to "cut to the chase" and how we are no longer looking for books or any other animate object that we can hold in our hands to find information, we just simply Google it.

Being able to Google any question you could think of and getting the answer as quick as you can click is basically instant gratification when it comes to finding out information. So since there are so many shortcuts online, along with hyperlinks and advertisements, I cannot help but wonder if this is directly correlated with the rise in cases of Attention Deficit Disorder. Since there is so many things in your face whenever you get onto a website, rarely does an individual read a whole story before clicking on another link. Also since we are able to "Google" absolutely any question and find as many answers as we please, there is no reason for us to go out searching in a library for information unless required by a teacher.

So since we are all so used to "Googling" on a daily basis, when it comes to being in class and school is it hard for people to pay attention through out the whole class time because it is not all instant gratification like the internet is? Since Google is shortening our attention spans, is the abundance of internet use we do daily that is causing the higher rates of Attention Deficit Disorder cases? What do you think?


  1. It is an interesting theory, but I do not know that I would say it is causing the higher rates of ADD. ADD is such a controversial subject as to what causes it that I almost find it difficult to even have an opinion about what causes it. I'm not saying that it is causing higher rates, but it could be. I think it is interesting that the "Google making us stupid" concept has come into play a lot in this semester. It really has made me think though. I am now more aware when I use Google or Bing for that matter. I mainly only use one of these sites when I want to know something as fast as possible, such as an actor's movie list or a certain song that I hear and am not sure of the artist. It comes down to the convenience factor. That's what life is about for most people it seems. Convenience with money, time, and anything in general. People in our society in this day and age want things now and no later. It is sad that we as a society have almost lost our ability to be patient. I think that Google could be hurting this aspect of our human race. I think that life is too short to be so fast paced that it just passes you by. We all need to take time, as a country, to just sit back and enjoy the little things in life, for those are the things in life that truly matter.

  2. The internet does seem to be decreasing our attention spans, but I'm not sure it leads to and increase in Attention Deficit Disorder. I think it really comes down to if you believe ADD is really something that needs to be taken care of with medication or it can be overcome.

    Several teachers thought I was ADD in elementary school and middle school and I did have a lot of trouble paying attention, but I've gradually oversome that.

    Maybe the increasing rates of ADD are more due to the increase in doctors diagnosing it than the use of the internet.