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Thursday, March 3, 2011

IPAD 2 is here! Who would've guessed it . . .

Is purchasing the newest technology a waste of money?

This is a pretty strong question when you think of how technology changes every other week it seems. If you are a technological guru and have to have every new piece of technology, this may be a question that you should consider.

Apple is an expanding company that has been producing a mass amount of technology that people all over the world craze over. Now, I am not going to sit here and say that I am not one of those people, but I do not have to purchase every new item that they have on the market. If I did, I would be broke! But I do love to learn the new technology.

I am posting this post because Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just announced the new IPad 2, coming to stores March 11, 2011. The first IPad was announced last April, less than a year ago I might add. And now the new IPad 2 is already coming to us in less than 2 weeks. This is awesome if you are rich and love new technology!

I am not rich. I do love new technology though. But when is it to the point of almost being ridiculous. Apple announces new technology so fast that by the time you just start getting used to the first one, the new generation comes out! It is almost frustrating.

There is also, if you didn't know, a new Macbook Pro coming out with a quad-core processor instead of a duo-core processor, and many other new additions. It is amazing to me how fast technology booms. It almost becomes a game of which piece of technology to buy. You, of course, want to buy the best technology and have it for a long time. But the way new technologies arise, there is no possible way to keep the new technology for a long time and it still be the newest.

I guess what I am trying to get across is the fact that technology, as amazing as it is, may be growing too fast. But is that even possible? Can technology grow so fast that it is bad for the world? We may find out the answers to these questions soon enough.


  1. This world and society is ever-changing and I do not think anyone is going to stop innovating until there is nothing else they can do or think of. Everyone wants to newest and best of what's around. It is a very exciting time to be living in I believe. We are living through the transformation of the internet, computers, and now most importantly phones. Once they make the iPad5, it will probably be the size of your cell phone and able to do the activities and services of a full out desktop computer.

  2. This news disgusted me. It is almost as if Apple already has the technology, but rolls it out in small doses to get more money out of consumers. A year ago, the news broke out that Apple was going to debut the iPad, and the media had a field day making fun of the hypothetical product, some people going as far as to compare it to female hygienic items. Yet here we are today, and just about every technology company with a good market share has a product that is comparable to the iPad. Let's face it; Apple has us by the cojones and there is no sign of them letting go.

  3. I'm certainly not rich either but I am excited enough about the iPad 2 I recently purchased to start a blog about it.

    I'll be following this blog.