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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He Who Must Not Be Named

This Charlie Sheen thing is completely out of hand. If you watch the news... Nay, if you watch television, you know what's going on. Charlie Sheen is completely off his rocker, and America is as addicted to his crazy story as Sheen is his cocaine.

The week Sheen was fired from the set of the long-running CBS show, "Two and a Half Men," he appeared on every cable news or entertainment show that would have him. You couldn't turn on the TV without hearing something ridiculous about tiger blood or winning, a word that has taken on an opposite connotation after Sheen's terrible misuse of it.

Recently, Sheen has taken to the internet to make his money, since TV networks and movie production companies are too smart to hire him. He posts videos on uStream that contain ego-ridden rants that are so overwhelming, even Donald Trump would say, What's with this guy? Sheen went as far as to make a Twitter account during the entire frenzy, and he incurred over one-million followers within 24 hours, a new record.

The Onion is a parody news source that writes fake stories for laughs. Responsible, Thoughtful Nation Decides to Ignore Charlie Sheen parodies the nation's newfound obsession for the story. It should be funny but to me it is just sad. Why do we give so much attention to people that are too ignorant and stupid to deserve it? America is so addicted to train-wrecks that we are giving him exactly what he wants: attention.


  1. I agree that Charlie Sheen's incident has been blown way out of proportion. However, I also think that it is interesting to note how the Internet has helped this phenomena to occur. The Internet has helped to draw attention to the story and perpetuate dialogue about it because most everyone has easy access to a computer. Sure, televisions and magazines have covered the story but those mediums allow for little public interaction. With sites for blogging and social media sites such as Facebook, avid watchers can help to prolong the story by continuing to follow the story as well as by adding their own takes as to his sudden behavior. It is amazing how such a medium can give everyone what they want: Sheen can get his attention and readers can interact by giving him that attention. It's an interesting cycle that will eventually die down when the next Hollywood star does something preposterous. Remember Britney Spears?

  2. I believe a high level of self importance has to do with the publicity stunts of hollywood stars today. While I believe Charlie Sheen may have an actual mental problem, its evident that he is doing the majority of his self promoting for his own benefit. We've seen it before with Joaquin Phoenix and a Heidi Montage; I believe they only do it to get ahead.