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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BSU No More

Ball State is switching networks.

By May Ball State's internet options will be bsusecure and bsuguest. This push for bsusecure seems pointless, I've had very few problems with bsu internet. The reasons for this change can be found on the BSU web page. A few of the top reasons are:
  1. Safe and secure wireless experience due to automatic encryption
  2. Less frequent interruptions to enter a username and password - After the initial setup, you will not have to reenter your username and password each time you want to access bsusecure.
  3. Faster download speeds
But I'm already complaining. I did exactly what the instructions said to do, but the first time I went to use my computer after previously shutting down the internet, the connection went straight back to bsu. And now my computer is permanently on bsuguest. I did this because having to constantly type in my username and password, I couldn't take it anymore.

But I have to ask myself, what is with the change? Was Ball State's connection having problems? Were there too many users? Were our "wireless experiences" really that unsafe? All of these questions made me realize the internet isn't as sound as we think or want it to be. Whether we realize it or not, the internet, and technology in general, is flawed. It could be that the flaws are so small we don't care or could it be that we depend so much on this form of technology that we are incapable of seeing anything but the good?


  1. The biggest reason for the switch is that very few people (in comparison)were using the bsu connection. Most people either do secure or guest.

    I agree with you though. The security of my online information bithers me. Every time one of those notifications pops up that says something like "this connection could easily been seen by others" it causes me to wonder if I should really put my log info into it.

  2. I had the same exact problem. When I followed the instructions to do bsusecure, I was on it until I had to close my laptop, and when I did that, I figured that I would be able to just get right back on the internet (because that's what the instructions said would happen) and it made me re-type my username and password and I am also on bsuguest again.

    It is interesting because it would get a little frustrating to sign in again and again, but I never truly got mad about it. But when I was told that it wouldn't do it again, then it did and hasn't been fixed, I'm pretty ticked about it. It makes me think that I may not be able to get the internet when they shut down bsuguest in May. If that is the case, then I will be truly furious.

  3. The problem I've recently noticed is being unable to log in at all. When I attempt to use a computer in Robert Bell it always seems like I'm jumping form computer to computer trying to see which one will actually let me log in. I've always just used bsu and logged in every time. I currently do not have a laptop so no matter what I have to log in on whatever computer I use. When I get my new laptop, I'll probably just stick to bsuguest since bsusecure seems to be having so many problems.