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Friday, March 4, 2011

Found a Phone, Got arrested.

After looking back at the story again about the lost phone in the cab from Shirky's chapter 1. I got so into the story and what was happening that I started to forget how this all started in the first place. The girl, I can't think of her name, was the initial person to make a mistake. Because of her irresponsibilty with her phone, led to a huge mess.
Yes, I totally agree that once Sasha found out the rightful owner of the phone that she should have given it back. I also have part of me feeling like, "why should she give it back?" If put in the same situation, I would have taken the initial reward that was presented and taken the $300 and given the phone back. As we saw at the end, the $300 got the girl a whole new phone along with her past information. Sasha should have taken the reward and then gotten herself her own phone with her new $300.
It is simply a reflection of what our society, is today. People are fearless behind the screen of a computer and have no problem saying awful things and hurtful comments. I am willing to bet if they were to have the exact same dialogue that was happening on their site, in real life that things would have gotten ugly.
All in all, I still cannot side with Sasha because it is obvious she was in the wrong. She could have destroyed it still and messed with the wedding information, but she did not so I applaud her for that.

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  1. This chapter to me was a battle between upper class and lower class. The reason that Ivanna gave a 300$ reward because she new that someone from a lesser income would have the phone and someone will give back the phone easily. I think Sasha wanted the upper class couple to suffer a little that is why I think she didn't give the phone back. Actually we all do this today with people that has more money the we do. For example, when we find out that a certain millionaire is going through some adversity we never feel bad. Because I did not feel bad for the lady who left her phone. I feel bad for Sasha.