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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Face to Face Interaction

In another course, I had to do a project about communication. The assignment was to interview someone in a professional career you are interested in, and ask them questions about communication within their line of work. After doing the interview, I was not surprised by the answers I had received. And when other students presented their findings, they were similar to mine: face to face communication is no longer the primary means of interacting in the workplace.

While I didn't find these results shocking, it did get me thinking, is this a continuing trend? One day, will people find face to face communication an odd way to interact? Given the circumstances of modern technology, this could be entirely possible. With skype, email, picture messaging, and everything else developing so rapidly towards distance communication, perhaps one day this will in fact be the social circumstance of our careers.

What I did find surprising, however, was that the people I interviewed, and my peers interviewed, were genuinely concerned with the lack of face to face interaction. Many disliked the impersonal aspects of email, and often mentioned that while it wasn't their primary means of communication, they preferred face to face communication instead. With face to face interaction comes the ability to read emotions and receive a timely answer, which is something a lot of technology has not provided us with quite yet.

So which will prevail, the exponentially evolving world of technology, or the inherent human need for social interaction?


  1. It is very interesting to think about, Anna. With all the advances in technology, will face-to-face interaction become obsolete? A thing of the past? I think no. Technology provides a faster medium to collaborate with one another, but it can't do everything. Face-to-face communication is essential to human development and has remained constant throughout history, and I don't see it changing any time soon. Human interaction is what separates us as gives us defining qualities as humans.

  2. Anna, I do prefer face to face interaction over an email or text message because like you said it less personal and you cannot really read people's full emotions from an email. Although I do prefer face to face I believe our society is moving further and further away from this way of interacting. I know many of my peersdo not even like talking on the phone just
    because it is easier to text. I find this disheartening because it is easier to say things you might not normally say in person via text or email. Hopefully our society will realize the importance of live human interaction and move towards more face to face interaction versus the quick email.