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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wiki Wide Web

Whenever I want to look something up, the first thing I do is google it...then click on the wikipedia page link for that subject. There's practically a wikipedia page for anything you can think of. Some topics, like TV shows and video games with a long running series and extensive stories and characters, have their OWN wikipedia sites.

In lies the difficulty in the latest web project:
  • finding both a topic that hasn't yet been covered
  • Is intriguing for all members of the group
  • and actually has information on it that can be researched
The easiest route would be to do the citation and fill in the blanks on the books we've covered in class, but then other groups may be doing the same.


  1. My group is having a difficult time picking a topic because you obviously want to do something that you are all interested in, but chances are, if it is something interesting someone has already contributed a lot of information about it to Wikipedia. We went through and looked through the stubs but were kind of discouraged because there is nothing really that exciting. We tried looking through people because we were thinking that it would be fun to contribute to a person's site, like an actor or actress, but we really had not heard of any of the actors and actresses that were listed. I'm sure this is going to be a problem for most groups. The project is a good idea but it's very hard to find something that everyone actually wants to do that does not already have substantial information.

  2. Our group ran into the same problem. We keep throwing ideas around but not everyone is interested in the topic.