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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How We Retrieve Information

    While reading and studying Morville Chapter 3, I began noticing more how I obtain my information. Not only do I use the internet for entertainment purposes, but I also use it to find information for my schoolwork or any other questions I may have. I'll jump on google to find out what a certain word means, or to answer a quiz question for a class. I want the quickest, most effective way to get my information possible.
    As Morville discussed many different information retrieval options that have been used, I realized I did not even know what most of them were. Our generation is so engrained in the internet and the easy way out, a lot of the other information retrieval options are obsolete. We don't want to have to sit down and really work for our information if it is just a click away.
    As technology expands, I think we are becoming overloaded with too much information. We are not able to fully comprehend many ideas at once, even though with websites containing multiple grids, we have the capabilities to see many different ideas at once. Websites such as yahoo! and msn have news stories flashing with pictures of celebrities and horoscopes. Whatever information you could be looking for is available to you, plus a generous amount more. Websites are built for the user, and to bring users in to generate money. We as a society will no longer have the needs to open a book, or study long hours to truly expand our knowledge. The quick fix is all we need.
    While I believe the internet is a great tool to have, and I definitely use it every day and am guilty of using it for a quick answer, I think we should take more time to find different ways to retrieve information. Books, journals, other sources of media are other examples that can be effective. We should "forage" out and find out better uses of information than just opening google.

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